Will We Evolve?

The basic traits of human beings seem unchangeable. Especially for the idea that the world is a stage set to tell a story. The traits of humanity are set forth by the creative expressions of the characters of the planet Earth. In turn, this human species, can interpret the expressions through the six senses.

The evolution of the species depends on where the story goes, because for the majority of it, the human is aware of five senses, from primal to more complex. Throughout the history of humanity, there’s been talk of a sixth sense. Although the sixth sense is present for all, it’s used by only a few. Similarly, it is said in science that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. We’ve not had perceptions of other dimensions and our experiences have been perpetually limited. Thus, the limits of our evolution have become painfully obvious.

All the world is a stage, so what’s up with the bigger story? Is this all we’ll ever be? Does the human race evolve, and perhaps fully experience the sixth sense, and then the seventh sense? Or do we simply remain at the five and a half senses and 10% of our brain capacity? Perhaps it’ll regress and we’ll devolve. Maybe we’re devolving now from a time when we used the sixth sense, perhaps the time of Atlantis? Who knows.

Yet with the basic illusion of time and space spinning it’s web, it seems the entire human story consists of the species proliferating within the limitations. We’ve grown our population tremendously, our technology is magical, but our innate characteristics haven’t changed, which is what always leads mankind back to destruction. Build and destroy. Build and destroy. That’s what we do.

Because there’s no beginning and no end, we are at all times evolving and devolving, creating and destroying, living and dying. During this new Earth age, a time that we’ve recently entered in to, there are indications in the story that we will soon evolve to another level, and that our innate characteristics will not change, but rather we will create and destroy on brand new levels.

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  1. I believe we are evolving as a species. More and more young people seem to be coming into the planet with a more developed sense of consciousness and in a more awakened state. The current state of Political divide could also be perceived as a massive fight from a large group of people wanting to evolve vs a large number who want to keep the status quo. Consider that there is two things going on simultaneously, one being, we all exist in a physical realm that creates and destroys and two, that we are also souls USING this physical world for the purpose of awakening into the loving essence that we are in the divine sense. Consider how far we have evolved from the beginning? Are we more loving? Are we more consciously awake? I would say as a whole we seem to be heading in that direction. Mindfulness, meditation and other forms of conscious awakening seem to be far more accepted today than at any other time in the mainstream world. I’m not sure if the 10% of brain capacity is a correct statement, as studies show we fire all of our brain. I would agree that we only use a small percentage of our SOUL potential! Tapping into the love that we are connected to, using the most powerful source of all. God we could call it, Source we could call it, whatever we call it, it is a divine presence that we all seem to be connected to and when we do connect with it, it seems like we immediately experience a state of pure joy, peace, acceptance, beauty, humor and gratitude.


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