The Idea of Human Rights is Absurd

Social issues often lead to the discussion of civil rights or human rights. A person is a human being first and a civilian second. With that in mind, it seems rather illogical that any human being sees his rights as being awarded to him or taken from him by another human being.

This very idea is absurd if not insane, and almost the entire human race is in agreement with that ideology. There is no “live and let live” mentality in the masses. It’s exceedingly difficult to find any society on the globe which enjoys freedom from oppression. Yet, if we look at the bigger picture – in order to have an oppressor there must be groups of people who believe some men are masters over them. We’ve allowed men sick enough to use torture and warfare to gain such power as to get our respect and allegiance.

Over and over we relive the story, it’s in our history books, our novels, our movies, our video games – war for glory. Just as power of one man over another is an absurd agreement, what’s more absurd is killing one another over the imaginary concept. Although some of the more conniving warlords are onto the shame factor in war for glory, they use the rhetoric that states war for freedom. As it seems better to pretend that some man can have power over you, and to prevent him from doing so, you must kill him.

Soldiers obey, slaves obey, civilians obey this delusion, this false concept that because a man says he is your master, you must either submit or risk your life trying to kill him. Fear of death always seems a good reason to live in this delusion – and thus, the delusion has remained and is a world-wide social issue.

One of the major factors in this global affair is the wealth gap. Because the world’s population got so big so fast, it accelerates the survival of the fittest aspect. More people, more competition for land, resources, and power. It’s like getting more and more roommates when you want to live alone, then clawing your way out any way you can, stepping on who ever you need to in order to have a place of your own. If you’re afraid all of your roommates are going to eat all your food, you hide it, hoard it and take it all with you when you move into your mansion.

The currency is money and it is valued most worldwide, barring a few cultures that live a more primitive and tribal existence outside the system. The value of money to buy up resources when resources are looking scarce has added more to this power concept. The man with the fattest bank account suddenly has more power than anyone who has a smaller digit, and can only be the most powerful if all the other people agree that he is. He’ll transfer currency over to every branch of his government or regulator in his economy in order to purchase security and power. Each person taking money is hoping to become wealthy like his master, so otherwise good men, will betray their own moral code for the lust of money. More than any other contributing factor, lust for money has inspired men and women across the globe to bow down to the rich, and this has been going on for centuries.

The concept of government and rulers has been going on for centuries. And yet each man is born into the same world. None can escape being human. The basic right awarded to every man is the right to choose. Pretty awesome, the responsibility of coming into a world from the womb, knowing nothing of it, and immediately you start choosing how to survive, how to thrive, and how to live. Being born is being awarded a life to create. One man creates a heaven as another creates a hell. Everyone else creates something in between. The agreements are made out of the necessity to coexist. This is why it is natural to have leaders of tribes, or societies. Rational leadership was simpler with less people on the planet. Now, the global illusion of power is very complex.

At present, we’re at a complex point in the history of planet Earth. The planet is overpopulated, we’re ruining the land and our resources are under threat. Cities around the world are jam packed with more people to feed, living side by side by side and most often far away from the farms which are their source of food. In reality, there are enough resources on planet earth to feed planet earth, if human beings would realize that every being was born to live free. To have a world which works in organic harmony, would take a lot of unlearning and relearning efficacy within coexisting to bring about exceptional societies on planet Earth.

There is no such thing as rights which are given to man by man. Our right to choose to live free is our birth right.


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