Understanding Human Life

So many human beings outwardly or secretly agree that “people are stupid.” We create songs about it, poems about it, movies about it, jokes about it, and creative slogans about it. The fact of the matter is, even people with extremely high IQs can be perceived as stupid, just for being socially awkward. Uniquely intelligent people, such as those with autism, are seen as handicapped in our society. The reason human beings think that human beings are stupid is because we innately misunderstand ourselves by misunderstanding and misperceiving the human experience.

Of course, part of what it means to be human is to misunderstand. All the problems of the human being, leading to lower level thinking and therefore low quality existence and stifled creativity can be blamed on one human aspect – the belief in death. From that innate belief, passed down from human to human for all the generations, is the belief that life can and will cease to exist. That deep delusion causes human beings to perceive themselves individually as a separate living being, that will die and go out of existence. So then the strongest instinct is for mere survival, and the proliferation of their species. These instincts are basic and primary, and shared with all other living species.

So then – What exactly is Human?

There is no such thing as space and time. To be human is to perceive space and time. There is no such thing as death, there is only life, and different ways of experiencing life. To be human is to have a unique perception of what it would be like to experience life if there was a way to create a concrete tangible reality with other characters (archetypes) to interact with. To be human is to experience this perceptual reality under the illusion that you will die – and no one is sure what happens after that. To be human is to always be seeking a way to live a more comfortable, fulfilling life while feeling terrified at the possibility of starving to death, or dying in some other state of suffering. To be human is to experience this perceptual reality under a range of emotions, including the driving factor toward proliferation of the species – love.

To be human is to think you roam around on the face of a globe, when in fact, you’re having an experience within a bubble of consciousness, where the levels of awareness inside the bubble create a three dimensional reality, where the creator can lay out a whole story in “space and time.” The story of experiencing itself as human. To be human is to have the experience of being a creator of your own story within a tangible reality. To be human is to interact with self to learn self in order to create a cool life story. To be human is to be unaware that “other people” don’t really exist. All that exists is the human condition, replicated billions of times so that it’s possible to have an infinite number of variable versions of human experiences, or human beings. Every person you see is just another version of you, happening in the same moment of time, representing one of the combinations of archetypes and one of the levels of mental and spiritual evolution possible in the human dream.

Who is the Creator?

The Creator is not a tangible entity. It’s the energy that encompasses everything, it’s the life energy that every ion, proton, atom and molecule is made of, from and infused with. It’s every universe, every dimension, every galaxy, and every experience and perception of life. Within the human experience, perception of the creator is of course going to have human characteristics because the perception is coming from a human mind. All that is needed is respect for the all encompassing, massive conscious creative energy that is us all.

Heaven on Earth

With the human condition such as it is, a state of illusion, delusions, and confusion, would it ever be possible for a global shift and evolution of consciousness to occur within mankind? Human beings, little creators, have already realized their story from beginning to end. As everything is happening in the same moment, the story is known from past, present and future and is documented everywhere and present in the DNA of our planet. As history has seemed to repeat itself, it’s all been one big story and the climax comes with the biggest moment in human history where the end times for some are fire and destruction, and for others it’s a shift in consciousness and an evolution to a more enlightened way of human life. The only reason the end times happen, and another world is rebuilt from it, is because that’s the story of humanity – create and destroy and the circle of life. It’s just one experience of an infinite number of possibilities and incarnations.

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