We Know Too Much – There’s No Going Back, Change Is Under Way.

There’s a fact to support the statement that humanity is experiencing something unprecedented, a moment in our history as a species that has never been witnessed by our species. The fact that supports this is that there are more people on the Earth now than ever before, and by a large margin of expedient growth.

There were approximately 900 million people on the globe in 1800, the human population doubled over a 100 year time span with 1.8 billion earthlings in 1900, then some how, over the next 100 years the population managed to add another 4.2 billion human beings to itself -coming out at a whopping 6 billion people on the planet by 2000. It’s 2017 and there are now 7.3 billion people on the planet.

In addition to the obvious increase in human beings, we’re also living in a time of the computer age, and access to technology that has allowed nearly every human being to be in contact with other beings all over the planet at the touch of a finger. What should seem like magic is merely a part of our scientific advancement and natural evolution of mind through discoveries.

The average human being has no idea how the technology works, yet they rather enjoy the instant contact with other humans. Most enjoy images on screen, such as television, movies, performances, that are available at the touch of a button. We’re a screen generation within a massive population of users.

Little kids and elders alike, the world world is participating in making and using these devices. When I was a kid, there were no cell phones and the internet was nonexistent. I was in my mid twenties when the internet was introduced and I was, at first, pretty resistant to the idea. The Internet was frustrating in its beginning stages because it was hard to find what you were looking for. But it developed through us, through our organic click commands, and became a living collective of information and communication.

But just as everything that lives evolves, we’ve gone past the point of no return, because there’s nothing we can’t share or look up; therefore, there’s truly no excuse for ignorance. Ignorance at this point would have to be seen as an attempt at deep denial. Even for those who don’t spend time on devices and stay away from headlines – unless you live in a bubble or in a primitive tribal setting, the world is in your face.

This means we know a lot at this point, we know a lot more than our elders did about how people in other places feel, how governments work, how business has globalized, what countries and states have been terrorized or bombed, which police departments have had incidents of police brutality, we know about the wealth gap and we know how that happened.

There’s a lot that we do know at this point.

Mostly, at the core of every being, there is a want to be accepted and loved. For the duration the last few centuries, in our modern (but still primitive) spiritual approach to life, what we truly fear most is – other people. We fear public speaking, we fear failure, we fear being falsely accused and convicted, we fear being locked in a cage, we fear being attacked, we really fear rejection from another, etc…these are all fears about what kind of power another person may have to influence the quality of our life.

What every man is seeking is true freedom. Yet, societies traditionally implement leaders and tribal pride. When the conscious awareness of man can be intended toward cooperation, collaboration, sharing and compassion between men, in order to build amazing societies -we’ll see a heaven on earth.

What we’re seeing now is a magnified mirror, giving insight into every action and reaction created by mankind, and the effects of those choices create our every day reality. What we’re especially seeing right now are the consequences of our creation of money, the power we give to it, to numbers, and paper, and how that false illusion creates a class system on planet earth.

The next step is seeing how that makes so little sense. A world without money is the exact same world. Our knowledge about how to advance and use advanced technology to benefit society doesn’t just disappear, even if the concept of money did.

What would happen if no one had any power over you?

Why is it that human beings are so agreeable with the idea of one person having power over a group of other people? True freedom is to be your own president, your own boss, and your own judge; as well as to be free from caring about what anyone else thinks. True power comes with having the strength and willpower toward nurturing the world around you; to walk the walk in a manner that others can ultimately respect.

We’ve come so far off the mark from this kind of simplicity in living and thinking. Yet as each action has an equal and opposite reaction, our quest for individual advancement has created a technology which reveals which decisions within that quest have led to our stagnation and downfall as a species.

We can no longer point the rhetorical finger, for example, to a superficial sentiment like “those people in China are crazy communists who hate Americans” when we are fully aware that our iPhones and much of what we use and wear are being made by Chinese people who work in very poor conditions, for very little pay, which amounts to slave labor. We didn’t used to be aware of that kind of thing – but now we are.

The “that’s just the way it is” mentality seemed to serve the world of men just fine, until it didn’t. As long as people who are appointed to be in power seemed to be spreading the wealth around, most accepted the idea that some places were going to be spread thinner than others. Until recently, where the dynamic shifted quickly, piling up the money and resources in the possession of very few people, while the other 99% of humanity is being spread very thin.

Now that we see the results of this by feeling the results of it in our own lives -like doing the work of four people and getting paid as one, paying more taxes into the community than the elite, and watching our city start to look like it belongs in a third world country.

Yes, humans have traditionally been selfish beings, mostly unaware of their power to co-create a beautiful reality. So it would take revealing truth after ugly truth about the greed and corruption we’re allowing and actually accepting, to get us to think about why we feel broke and exhausted far too often. Not only do we have the stress – the impetus for asking the question – we have the technology available at our finger tips to find our the truth.

Why am I always feeling broke and exhausted? Because for a long time human beings have given priority and focus to having money and things, which constantly overrode giving priority and focus to people and truth.

The only way to feel fulfilled and energized is to shift our focus and priorities to human beings and truth.

We may not be able to do that until our lives are threatened. Yet, something good can come from an evil such as the power of nuclear and technological warfare, as to threaten 7.3 billion human lives – then you’ll see the correct shift in global consciousness occur.

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