It’s 2022, and We’re In Full Swing.

It’s probable that most people wanted planet Earth to return to some kind of normalcy in 2021, and all of a sudden it’s 2022. And it feels like 2020 never ended for some.

For many, the reaction to stressful circumstances ongoing for two years, is causing states of extreme anxiety and depression. Many are acting out of character, many are having a very difficult time enduring those around them acting out of character. It creates a snowball effect.

Even though in the modern era, where our technology has allowed us to have been warned about current circumstances, and these global circumstances have been predicted by scientists, seers, and philosophers alike – humans are in a state of shock and confusion. Somehow, even those who were and are informed are caught unprepared.

Because the events that are threatening us are happening worldwide – a pandemic, extreme weather events, and social discord – we are in a time of global transformation.

In as many ways, and in as many cultures, as this has been predicted, our human reactions don’t reflect a rational understanding of what is taking place on our planet. Our reactions are making these challenging events even more uncomfortable.

For some, fear and paranoia take hold. For others, the need to help and heal takes hold. For some, the need to be a hero takes hold. For others, the need to hide away and isolate takes hold. For many, the need to place blame takes hold. Chaos and confusion are catalysts for action, change and reordering.

Almost any story of global change, extreme and unavoidable change, on this planet lacks the next chapter. Doomsday stories speak of many of the things we are seeing on the planet now. Warning from scientists about the impending natural disasters and how destructive they will be, are playing out, but there’s no “next plan” or total solution for what we see as existing problems for human survival.

However, there is a “next chapter” to this story. Right now, unless a global weather event, like the Ice Age, wipes every person off the planet, the destructive forces will render a large portion of humans extinct, and there will be survivors. Could be that more than half survive, which is still a lot of people.

Some of the stories people have told over the years of the coming “End Times” involve them and their tribe being swept up by an alien spaceship that takes them to the new Earth. Even those who believe in science fiction predictions, aren’t filling in the remaining chapters and books for the human race. Those who believe in eternal life and other life, aren’t necessarily considering the future of human life on planet Earth during the destructive forces, and after the planet has adapted to them.

With Earth changes and natural disasters inevitable, human beings will find areas of the planet that they can live on and survive and thrive on. What we are doing in the present moment, is starting the shift toward how we are going to adapt to all the things threatening our survival right now. One of the limitations we are facing is the limited amount of human beings who can see the practical reality and not the fictional one in the stories.

Right now, in 2022, we are acting in full swing with our global transformation. The shift itself won’t happen in two year’s time, and it is likely is will be in full swing for at least two decades. Yet, because time is a concept, and because of the laws of the universe and how reality works – it’s possible a drastic and extreme Earth change could happen, and has happened, in a millisecond. It generally takes humans a long time to deal with the “fallout”.

If we’re being realistic, we have to also be patient with how our human reality is set up. Sure, it’s just a dream, and within the dream we have the ability to control our dream to some extent. Yet, we are all subject to the limitations of the human mind while we are having a human experience on this planet Earth. We’re all then subject to natural laws of the planet we live on. This is unavoidable, so when we are experiencing a natural disaster, we need to understand that for human beings, we have to come together to rebuild and that takes a while.

The next chapters of this story, and this book, are written by us, humans – who are alive today to put their willpower and creative energy into helping the rebuilding of communities. Each community has been somehow affected by these events. All will need to heal. Every action now is intense and has intense reactions and consequences associated with it. It’s a time of high highs and low lows. It’s a time of rapid change and turbulent conditions.

We are now in full swing. Our need to adapt to our present circumstances has never been greater. Our decisions have never bore more responsibility than they do now. If we want to exist, coexist and thrive as a species, it is up to us to take ourselves in that direction. It won’t get easier until we engage with creating a better reality and stay the course until we achieve the desired result.

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