The Moment of Now – Finding Your Role In The Unknown WORKSHOP 01/10/22

Help Raise Consciousness is excited to present its first ever Workshop:

The Moment of Now – Finding Your Role In The Unknown

Starting Monday, January 10th, 2022, the workshop will post and contains 8 lessons. Although, the workshop is set up for you to take one lesson per week, you can take as long as you like to work through the content in each lesson. Each lesson has one 20-30 minute long video segment to introduce the content for the lesson, one written lesson, and one optional homework assignment for the week.

This workshop has been created to help anyone who wants to discover hidden tools and personal talents for creating the life of their dreams. In these challenging times, things seem to be changing on many levels, and people around the world are having to adjust quickly. Because of so much confusion and chaos in today’s world, we are especially vulnerable to influence. We are also more capable now than ever before to be an influencer.

The message in The Moment of Now for those that have the opportunity to hear it, is that we are all co-creating our shared reality. We are creating our own story. And while we can’t control what story others create for themselves, we are all adding to the collective with every thought, word and deed. We’re moving into a new time, where Karma seems acutely awakened, and we’re seeing some of the veil of ignorance come down. When people are challenged, especially when human survival is challenged, it brings out the true colors of those that it touches.

Now, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to be the change. Not only can we impose our will on an impressionable reality, we can recreate our lives in the process. Positive choices bring positive outcomes. This workshop will arm you with new tools to be able to create those positive outcomes for yourself, while dealing with all that the other characters and story writers throw into the collective plot. It’s an exciting journey in getting to know one self and transcending one’s self. See you there!

Be ready for the New Now. And remember, it’s all about LOVE.

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