Love and Let Love

Our world has undergone the kind of trauma in the past two years that has forever changed our daily mindset, practices and routines. Normal life has been disrupted by a chain of events that have resulted in disruptions at economic, social, political, public health, business, geographical and supply levels.

Challenges such as the pandemic, natural disasters and social discord have amplified global human tensions and reactions. There have been changes, that in some ways, may be more convenient, like working from home. There have been a lot of inconvenient changes and adjustments. It’s human nature to become frustrated when inconvenient surprises pop up, and it’s human nature to react by assigning blame.

Because so many circumstances collided with the pandemic, it seems like the negativity that was boiling over in societies around the globe, but especially in the United States, ensnared a large portion of our population.

Twenty years ago, we experienced 9/11 as a society that reacted with with solidarity, unity, respect for those lost, peace within our communities, and there was a humility about our collective energy. Even though there are conspiracy theories about it and there are a lot of things that may have caused many to feel anger, we didn’t erupt into divisive campaigns, extremist groups and militias, riots and insurrections, no.

Yet in this moment, in the here and the now, we are frazzled by circumstances that have affected almost all of the countries on our globe. The pandemic itself has killed millions. And the reality is that we could actually be coming together, yet we are all wondering when the next Civil War is going to break out.

Where is the love between us?

Why is it so different this time?

It seems like nothing is normal. It might be time to accept that normal is gone. When we are in something this new, we can’t see it, and we don’t know how to navigate in it. Even though things don’t seem that different, we keep talking about it, how everything is different.

On a deeper collective soul level, we are actually going through the most intense transformation the whole Universe has ever seen. Many of us have been waiting for the “change” or the “shift” for decades. Some people thought Y2K was going to send us into the hills with backpacks, guns and water purifiers, or that December 22nd of 2012 was going to be Armageddon, and so on. This isn’t quite that, but it is huge, intense and unprecedented.

Human beings want to be free of suffering. Human beings want to feel eternal love.

These primal instincts seek expression more when we feel like our survival is being threatened. Due to the disruptions, due to the natural disasters, the pandemic and the infighting, we are feeling backed into a corner and the forces bearing down are bigger than us.

There isn’t anywhere to run to, and fighting isn’t working. This creates a need for another choice. How do we face our fears? How do we overcome discomfort and live in peace during turbulent times?

We have to be the change. After two years of struggle, people are starting to try new ways of being happier with less. People are realizing the old ways aren’t working, and they’re starting to try new ways of living. This is an important landmark.

One way that we see this is in “The Great Resignation,” people leaving careers and many working in other fields or trying their own small businesses. We’ve also seen many changes in interpersonal relationships. There have been many break ups, divorces, and endings to friendships over the course of our challenging transition. We help each other cope by sharing experiences and information online. There are more workshops available than ever before.

Most importantly, the “average” person is starting to notice that they are in control of their own life. People are starting to make the other choice, the choice they have been delaying for years, or the one that just seemed like a pipe dream. People are teaming up with new partners who can help and cooperate to build a nice, less complex, life. Underdogs are starting to speak out against bullies and seekers are finding teachers.

There are more light workers than ever before. Terms like “light worker, empowerment, spiritual downloads and upgrades, co-creating, and transformation” are now becoming familiar and are starting to be better understood as many are spreading the new word. The new word is essentially the old word – LOVE.

The transformation we are undergoing is the realization that we are all co-creating our reality and that we can, together, agree to rewrite the future and have Heaven on Earth. If we can agree to live and let live, and love and let love, we can all exist to help sustain human life. We can agree that all are God’s children, that all have value, that we are all from the same source, that we can take care of one and all. Atheists and agnostics are included.

Roadblocks to LOVE Call in LOVE.

One of the most confusing issues in American culture today is that of the premise of the USA as the “Melting Pot” is so rejected and resented. There is a passionate thirst for having “sides” and arguing about our differences. Suddenly, extremes have emerged that are now sewn into the fabric of our government through elected leaders. Infighting is rampant. It’s stressful, and still it persists. This would seem depressing and hopeless if it were not for the reaction it is spawning on the light and bright side.

The extremists are loud, and they’re in control of some of the major media outlets, where obnoxious pundits who act like spoiled hedons are placed there to keep the drama rolling. It adds to the sense of urgency for those that recognize we may be spiraling out of control and if we don’t wake up, humanity can self destruct. We are both creators and destroyers. In today’s world, the destruction capabilities are massive. Few can destroy much, quickly, what takes many to rebuild over time.

We are calling in the opportunity for a new creation, a new reality. Our democracy will not sustain another attempt at a coup, an insurrection, a Civil War or oppressive governmental measures. Our democracy is on the verge of collapse and our wealth gap speaks to a problem by way of wealth hoarders, who stamp out any chance for equality with regard to life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness and financial stability for all.

The Corporations are the new Masters, and the workforce and their dependents are the Slaves. We are indebted to the same people we work for. Corporate lobbyists pay off lawmakers right in front of the public eye, it’s accepted. Many elected officials on both “sides” have broken the law, been outwardly corrupt, have conflicts of interest and have only advanced the agenda of the rich getting richer – it’s what the American dream has turned in to.

Returning to “Free Love” as a political movement will not help. Politics has to be kept out of the sacred and pure essence of love for life. Religion has to be kept out of the sacred and pure essence of love for all. Tribalism has to be kept out of the sacred and pure essence of love for all.

Love does not tell other people how they should live. Love does not suggest a man judge a man and punish a man. Love does not blame others. Love does not support selfishness.

The new reality, and the co-creation of it, requires us to Love and Let Love.

What doesn’t work for mankind is humans killing one another, fighting with one another, hoarding resources, and claiming shared Earth as our own and belonging to us. In order to sway the tides so that we can do exactly the opposite of what we have always done – we must love.

What does that look like?

It actually does look like each one of us committing to love in all of our thoughts and actions. The simple method for change, is to watch our thoughts, become self aware, and become accountable. LOVE.

  1. Watch our thoughts.
  2. Become self aware.
  3. Be accountable for our part in creating our own reality and co-creating our collective reality.

When we watch our thoughts, we can say “STOP!” when we get to the negative, judgemental, way too critical thoughts about another living being. We can consciously choose to get back on track and project love out onto that being and all others. We can do this.

When we start watching our thoughts and getting control over them, we start becoming self aware of our intentions and our behaviors. This is very important. We are in the habit of analyzing the other, wanting to know what the other is thinking and why they do what they do. We are in the habit of wanting to change the other. We must break this habit. If we watch ourselves, and worry only about what our true intentions and actions are, then we can be the change. We have to change first.

We have to realize that we are only in control of ourselves. And we have to be accountable for every thought, word and deed. We must recognize that every single notion coming from us affects all of us. Every action we take, every action, affects the whole. We have to be responsible for what we are putting out there. We have to admit how we have contributed to our own problems and to the things we are angry about.

We have to take responsibility for creating our own reality. We have to understand that we are fully responsible for how the results of our life’s decisions played out. We have to know that where there is negativity, we can and must change to benefit ourselves and the entire collective consciousness. We have to put this idea first and foremost in our minds. We can’t lower our standards or cut ourselves slack.

Each one of us on the journey will back slide. We will get frustrated. We will experience moments where we feel hopeless. This is ok. This is human. We don’t want to suffer, we want to experience eternal love and we feel caught up in a cycle of suffering with a lack of support. In these moments, we have to remember to LOVE our soul, spirit, mind and body. We have to nurture ourselves and heal. Because being human is exhausting, it’s difficult.

We have the choice to walk in Love and Light. We have the chance in every single moment to live the word. We have the chance to recognize Love and Light, live in it, and spread it. We can walk away from shadow, fear and darkness. We do have the choice to co-create a new and better reality that meets the needs of all living beings. We are capable of this.

Love and Let Love.

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