One Mistake is Trying to Get Them to Change.

During what has been a difficult time for our country, there has been an awakening of seekers. Those who are trying to make sense of it all, and who are seeking a spiritual path or an existential viewpoint, must pass through the eyes of numerous needles to become the enlightened few. But any level of seeking and trying will result in more wisdom, and being a lot more awake than before.

One of the eyes we must pass through is on the needle of “the other.” The other often takes form by way of a family member, or family members, who don’t “get it,” or a close loved one. When we get on the spiritual path, we want to take others with us. We wonder why we can’t get them to come along for the journey of personal growth. After all, it would be good for them.

We can’t pass through the eye of that needle, and get to the next level, with our inflated ego making our personal energy too large to go through. We mostly think that the act of wanting another to become enlightened is an expression of compassion, but when it comes to people we are close to, we are biased and we have an agenda. The agenda goes well beyond just caring for the other, and becomes trying to drag the other along your path, so they will see your way, and then you will be more comfortable around them.

It’s more likely that you, finding your own light and reaching new levels of spiritual growth, will inspire people you interact with that are not your family and loved ones. The more you lead by example, and drop the heavy load of expectations for others, the more you contribute that good, juicy, light energy to the collective consciousness. It’s what we all need right now.

When we drop the need to help, heal and nurture everyone around us, for the purpose of working on ourselves and our own issues, only then can we slim down our ego enough to pass through to the next level of creating and co-creating our best reality. One of the reasons we want to help “the other” is because it makes us feel good, but it also puts them in the frame of being less than us. We are telling them they need help. It’s a mirror, we need help, and we don’t want to be told that.

If you’re still trying to focus on “the other” or trying to figure out why the “other side” can’t see their own flaws – that is a clear sign you will face a road block until you choose to focus inward and do the work that allows you to pass through. That work, requires you to get to know yourself, without judgement. Going inward helps you identify your own archetypes or personality traits which cause you to act in ways that have the same unwanted stories and outcomes attached to them.

After being “in there” for a while and getting to know our own psyche, we will eventually begin to own the fact that we are creating our own story, so when our life sucks, it’s really because we hang on to past stories and a lot of judgements. Everything gets reflected back to us. Those relatives we want to change, they simply think we are judgemental, because we are. And what “the other” people do is not about us, but our judgements of them are about us. Until we can really “let go” and just focus on our own story of personal evolution, we will be stuck going back and forth between “in there” and then “the other” back and forth like a pendulum.

Currently, there are a lot of people wondering how we can help cure division, and they seek to know why we are at such a divisive point in our reality and how they can best influence this aspect of our reality. We perceive a war going on “out there” and we struggle to know what to do with the inconvenient and destructive nature of the collective circumstances. But the answer, again, isn’t “out there.” There’s nothing out there that makes it our job to cure hate, but it is our job to go within and cure it. Go within and cure the division, by letting go of grudges and judgements against others.

We can best influence by leading by example. We have to be the teachings, it is not enough to know the teachings of moral law. Innately, moral law is coded into us. We can feel the weight of a bad decision or the light exhilaration of a good one. If we follow the light and act with a pure heart throughout our lives, even the painful and ugly moments will pass by as the act of “letting go” becomes easier and easier each time we do it.

In a sense, this requires faith. Faith in the fact that we do have the free will to create our own story, and we are co-creating a collective reality with every other living being on the planet and in the Universe. When we really accept this fact, we are then self aware and accountable for our own outcomes.

If we are real with ourselves, we are in part responsible for the division and extreme tribalism at work in our society. We have bought into senseless views since the beginning of societies. Stories of the past have been used to manipulate the ways of the present. We accepted whatever versions were told to us and at a certain point we knew about so many injustices and betrayals, but we were trained to accept what we can not change. There are very few real activists among us.

Right now, we can make up for all of the past apathy and inaction, because we are at a transitional time in our human history where what we do right now is actually making a huge difference on the collective direction. Right now, we can focus away from fixing “the other” and focus on putting love and the opportunities to create a better, more sustainable, human reality first and foremost in our daily intentions.

Be the change. Be the light. Don’t worry about who sees it and who follows. Just live it.

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