The Key Is Workforce Unity

It doesn’t matter what your career or current job is, the majority of adults in the US work to earn money. By default, we’re a part of the system, even if we are b-side, counter culture folks.

With that in mind, there’s a massive number of us that have something in common – we’re not in the 1%, we’re employed by and in debt to the 1%.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager, or you’re a celebrity, or roofer, or doctor – you work for ‘the man’ and so do I. The wealth gap right now is gigantic. The entire middle class could be it’s own political party and the people in the work force (anyone who works for money) are the people who are literally ‘running the country.’

This is why we need unity. We all have a common purpose, and that is to help and serve society while earning a living. Even if there were no dollars involved, we can all still do our jobs and society would still ‘run.’ Without us, society comes to a standstill, and sickness ensues. We’re already running the country, where we limit ourselves from owning our power is that we are not nice to one another, we don’t unite, we compete.

Workforce unity involves everyone actually working together under reasonable conditions and expectations to complete a task. If the conditions are bad and the expectations impossible, everyone working for the company or assignment should pull together to fix the situations. So, for example, if corporate says do the impossible, the next guy down the ladder should be telling corporate, ‘no sir, sorry, I’m not going to ask our team to do the impossible.’

Workforce unity involves every person in the workforce and those retired from it to be nice to the people working in the community. That’s the key. Be nice. Be kind. Don’t complain about long lines, prices, etc. The other people in the work force who are on the clock when you’re not are offering you a service, it’s your choice to use the service or not – but being mean to people who are on the clock is simply unacceptable.

With that, it boils down to the people who work together need to be supportive of one another (no power trips!), and when we’re off the clock we need to be kind when we interact with people who work in our community. The things we tend to get angry about are almost never because of the worker we’re projecting our anger at.

The workforce is the ultimate power. It really is. The power is in the numbers and in the common purpose of fair work for fair pay and benefits. We’re tired of the hoarding on behalf of the 1%. The elite class has taken over the world, and we’ve let it happen. We don’t need to take over the world, but we do need to demand a fair deal. There’s no way to do that other than to unite so the power of the workforce is appropriately demonstrated.

Once that kind of power is demonstrated – the power to refuse to participate in a service that generates the profit – the workforce will be the force to be reckoned with. Instead of people feeling like they are always living paycheck to paycheck with constant debt, a fair deal can be made and society can start to rebalance itself.

The American workforce can have this power by combining kindness with courage. The workforce is made up of people who provide resources or who fix what’s broken – we got this. We are the US – the united states.

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