You Can’t Change a Hell-Being, So Don’t Waste Time Trying

Arguing online with a bot is a terrible waste of time, energy and emotion.

Trying to change a hell-being is similarly a waste of time. Getting mad and frustrated, anxious and depressed, about the behaviors of people who seem proud of their evil ways – is a time suck and it’s physically, emotionally and spiritually damaging. Anger is bad for us all. It helps no one, and it’s often the reason for immoral actions against others.

What is a hell-being?

Basically, a hell-being is a sociopath. It’s a person who only cares about self. It’s a person who thoughtlessly harms others for self gain. It’s a person who uses threats to conceal his evil deeds. It’s a person who imprisons the innocent. It’s a person who can and does commit evil actions with no remorse.

There are a lot of hell-beings on planet Earth. Yet, the good news is, we live on a planet of balance so with nature working in perfect harmony, and with opposites balancing each other out, there are just as many light-beings on the planet.

The current dilemma is just another repetition or cycle of the age old story of good versus evil. At present, there’s social unrest all around the world. It’s a result of new ideas coming in and the old ways resisting a new transition. New ideas and transitional periods are normal phenomenon see throughout Earth’s history, as planet Earth is observed by its cycles. Right now, we have social media. So if you’re on the Internet or reading the news, there’s almost no way to avoid knowing about the current state of humanity.

Right now, there is a lot of anger going around. In the most basic terms, hell-beings want to keep living the life of fascism and gluttony, and light-beings are angry that out right injustice and harmful deception seem to be gaining momentum. The good hearted are often those with seemingly no power to change the evils of the world, at most they will gather in protest, and even when peaceful, violence will come onto the scene because the hell-beings won’t tolerate peaceful demonstrations.

This doesn’t mean the hell-beings are ‘winning.’ There’s nothing to be won. Hell-beings win when we stress about them, rail against them, are expending energy better spent on right actions, and are letting anger coarse through our veins. The consequences of that kind of anxiety break down the good hearted, it ends up wearing us out and rendering us less powerful.

A hell-being won’t change. There’s no reason a dark soul will change because it fears no consequence. If the hell-being is convicted and imprisoned, he will still reject the idea he has done anything wrong and he will continue to be evil while imprisoned. A hell-being will defend his actions, and feel justified even when he knows the actions are immoral. There’s no point in trying to get him to see he’s wrong. He simply doesn’t care.

So what can be done with all the love and pure intentions that lead to the desire to abolish all the evil on this planet?

The answer is to give to those who are less fortunate. Help those who are too weak to help themselves. With no way to fight the powerful or to convince the corrupt forces at work in society, the best force to be used for nurturing and survival is sharing and cooperation at the community level.

There’s enough food and shelter to go around in this world. People who live in third world countries survive by working together and cooperating to keep their neighborhoods functioning. Yes, there are people who are starving, and this is due to the greed of other men who have captured resources. That is the way of human nature, that is unlikely to ever change. As a light-being, you can accept that some will be hungry while others overstuff themselves.

At the end of our short lives, the only thing that really matters is how we spent the time we had. What we take with us to our state of passing over will be the memories of our own actions and interactions. For light-beings, that moment can be a perfect and calm experience. The best you can hope for is a good life and a good death.

So with that said, there’s really no time to waste on getting sucked into the stories of dark souls. It may seem that some of the most powerful people in the world are hell-beings. That may seem true, but the truth is that they’re not powerful. The illusion of power is easily created with fear. We fear the powerful people can destroy us, take everything we have, and we’ll be left homeless and without resources. We often fear that, though so many of us who fear it have never been homeless.

We’ve seen people around who face injustices. We’ve seen fascism and racism affect people in our communities. We’ve seen where the system is unjust. Nothing seems to work in favor of the “civilians.” We literally fear our police and we fear being falsely accused, locked up, or getting killed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet, so many of us know a police officer who isn’t out to shoot a community member, who doesn’t profile people based on race or religion, who really wants to help keep the community safe.

We can’t let our fears give power to evil men. Every good hearted person must band together in cooperation to keep our immediate neighborhoods and communities intact with love and compassion. We have no time or energy to waste on a bot or on a hell-being, when there are opportunities to help and nurture all around us.

If an evil man drops a bomb on my head, I want to go out knowing that I was a good person. I can’t control him, but I can control me.


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