The Anti-Christ Mentality Isn’t Going Away.

The anti-Christ mentality is amplified today by the number of people on the planet and the technological ability to communicate instantly with anyone in the world at the push of a button or a voice command. The bullies and ego maniacs of this world seem loud and villain like, while people who are based in love seem more passive and are more often under the radar, especially with respect to social media interactions.

If you know the story of Jesus Christ, and you have a hard time conceiving how someone who was full of love, compassion and kindness could be crucified so easily, then you’re probably just as dismayed by acts and notions of selfishness, deceit and betrayal in modern day society. It makes some of us wonder whether or not we have evolved at all.  And more importantly, did we learn anything or put into action any of the teachings of past messiahs, buddhas, and enlightened ones in our world history?

I like this quote by The United Church of God, only found by googling the word ‘anti-Christ,’ to describe what’s going on in our present day reality:

End-time prophecies show that religious people—including professing Christians deceived into accepting a counterfeit Christianity—will oppose many of the teachings of Christ. In that real sense, even today, many professing Christians actually have been deceived by a spirit of antichrist.

Although these may not, in fact, be “the end-times,” we are definitely at a period in our history that connections made around the planet have created an awareness surrounding dictatorship, authoritarian regimes, threat of nuclear war, awareness of climate change, tribalism and social tension. One of the many  driving factors for this, world wide, is the escalation of business tycoon & reality TV personality, Donald Trump, to POTUS. That one change in normalcy has the world on edge.

The reason? During all of our lifetimes the United States has been the most powerful country in the world. By default, who ever holds the POTUS position is the most powerful leader on the planet. Currently, the most powerful person on the planet seems ultimately unaware of how his words and actions affect the world. He is consumed by self, so he doesn’t think about anything else. For people in other countries and those in the US that don’t support him, it is scary how reckless the guy is.

Even though this POTUS has the love-of-self disease, self-aggrandizing and posturing at every opportunity, disrupting every environment like a bull in a China shop, he is likely not the anti-Christ because he does not claim to be religious, or moral and doesn’t mention spiritual or religious jargon in his rants. Simply put, he’s not trying to say he’s Christ. He’s just trying to get people to like him.

Yet, what brought him to this power was, and is, the anti-Christ mentality. One perfect quote from a Trump-supporter sums up the sentiment: “He speaks his mind. I speak my mind. Do I sometimes put my foot in my mouth? Yeah. No one meets the standards set by Jesus.”

Trump is the perfect role model for the justification of every and any sin. It’s pretty much the equivalent of saying, “Fuck Jesus, love is just too hard. I’m with Trump.” It’s pretty easy to justify when the President of the United States, the most powerful leader in the world, is justifying it. These folks are ok with hate, even if it causes chaos and harm to others.

And it’s even easier when we see the “me-first” mentality leading to material wealth and increased status in society – also two things loved by the anti-Christ mentality. This is why many former Democrats voted for Trump – not because of political allegiance, but because of his outright narcissism and charismatic ability to market a product.  Lowering the standards on behavior seemed like a good idea, and he was able to sell it with slogans and gusto.

People who support Trump probably won’t stop, no matter what. He was right when he said he could shoot someone in broad daylight on a busy street and he wouldn’t loose any support. He was right about that. The anti-Christ mentality is stronger than ever, and it will never go away. A few people who have that mentality now will undergo a change of heart and wake up by default, but the vast majority will stay that way their whole lives. Just as the reverse is true, people grounded in love and kindness don’t usually transform into ego-centric bullies; some do, but the vast majority stay loving and kind throughout their entire lives.

The social unrest and worldwide turmoil we are witnessing isn’t that much more severe than it was throughout most of human history. Mankind has always been dualistic and there have always been the two mentalities. Angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. Everyone has within them the good wolf and the bad wolf, the one that grows is the one that gets fed more. Good versus evil is a global theme generated from the beginning of time. We won’t get away from the expressions of both love and hate, even within ourselves. Yet, there are some of us who question: On a global level, which one is getting fed more?

Most of us don’t want to see humanity destroy itself while harming planet Earth in the process. And any person who believes there will be an ‘end times’ is likely looking for the best possible outcome and transformation possible. Selfishness leads to the worst results.  Most of us don’t want to undergo the terror of world disasters, plagues, starvation, war, chemical terrorism, radiation, or extreme suffering. Many of us would rather see an awakening and a period of peace on Earth.

For anyone willing to stay in the realm of love and kindness, now is probably a good time to get loud about it. Don’t stay hidden in the shadows. Shine your light as brightly as possible. Share goodwill with the world. Ignore the bad wolf, give him no attention, and feed the good wolf with the highest quality ingredients available.



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