The Political Crisis Can Be Solved & Is

The United States is perhaps more politically divided than ever before in our lifetimes. The uproar began about a year ago, when the nation confirmed who the presidential candidates were, and it seemed to worsen each month after.

An onslaught of political propaganda resulted in effectively dividing the right and left. Terms like ‘alt-right’ and ‘alt-left’ emerged, and social media made it possible for the loudest radicals to get the most attention. The addition of ‘bots,’ which are computer programmed cyber robots that act as radicals to spread extreme propaganda on social media sites and media websites, has furthered ensnared millions of social media users into an obsession with online arguing.

Everyone wants to be heard.

Yet, in all the chaos of so many users, all trying to be heard at once along with the bots trying to disrupt the cyberspace, the only folks who get heard are the same folks that always have been – the celebrities.

The solution of political social divide is found within people who have a national and global platform, and it starts with those who will publicly move into the middle.

Some current events that are taking us in that direction, can be found in headlines regarding Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) touring all states to talk to common Americans to find out what they want to see happen, Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe) leaving the Republican Party to become an independent, and Kid Rock (rock star) announcing that he will run for Senate in Michigan. While these very different actions (by men with celebrity status) seem mostly unrelated, they have one thing in common – each presents a very new way of handling political discord.

Zuckerberg wants to see the world connected and seeks to find ways to cure the political divide by identifying common ground. It’s an effort to focus on what people have in common. It’s a great way to do market research for his company and brainchild, Facebook, which has connected 2 billion people around the globe. Zuckerberg is examining our common points. By doing so he sets the example for other people – go out and talk to people to find out what you might have in common with them.

Joe Scarborough, who was one of many media figures to be insulted by the President of the United States via Twitter, recently made public that he left the Republican Party and has registered as independent. This sets the example for other Americans, who may be questioning their alignment with one party or the other, that it’s perfectly ok to be neither.

Kid Rock has always been known as an outspoken conservative and is, in fact, by his own admission, in the middle on social issues. He’s also identified himself as more of a Libertarian in the past. Some of his values would likely be considered liberal. He sets a great example of a person who can be politically outspoken, have strong beliefs, and have varied beliefs. He makes it seem ‘ok’ for people to be all over the map and still be strong in who they are. Even though he is now a Republican, his example shows that it doesn’t mean his belief system is confined within the boundaries of every supposed Republican value.

Getting Americans to see that everyone would be better off if we all moved into the middle, and made an effort to identify our common needs and our connecting points, is the solution to the political crisis. Our divided nation is suffering when Americans settle for attacking one another over political allegiance, making it a priority over patriotism, decency and community. Celebrity platforms are now key within the chaos of a billion voices all struggling to be heard.

Our 45th President of the United States used his celebrity status to become presidential candidate, and once made President he unfortunately missed the opportunity to reunite Americans. He set himself up with the liberal, globalist influence of his daughter and son-in-law placed in the West Wing as close advisers, while other advisors and members of his cabinet, are radical and considered alt-right. While our Republican President may be liberal at heart, he’s chosen to cling what he believes are his base supporters – the alt-right and extreme conservatives. And there’s no middle ground or compromise being exemplified.

At this point, celebrities are just about our only hope at finding common ground. There’s been a long practice of ignoring politicians and mistrust toward government in just about all democracies, but the advent of the television and the technological boom that led to the creation of the internet, have created a current of idolization of the rich and famous. It’s gained speed over the years and there’s no indication that celebrity momentum will slow down.

Even though political divide of Americans over the past year has been extreme, ending friendships and relationships, there is a chance that as the reputation of political parties continues to diminish, we will choose neither side. By having sides, and seeing that it doesn’t work, we may decide to stand alone in whatever beliefs we have, without needing to be on a side in order to feel secure.

Real confidence is attractive. Hopefully we can be attracted to it, and represent the country as a population of hard working people who don’t worship politicians, and who work together to enjoy the freedom of a true and pure democracy, stable and united. At the core, we all want the same thing – to live and die as free men and women so that we can make the most of our time on Earth.





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