The Answers Are In The Collective Vibe & The Internal Review

Human beings are finally experiencing the long awaited inevitable event of a global challenge, a global problem which affects us all, and is causing us all personal discomfort. There are groups of people all over, the believers of prophecy, the preppers, the doomsdayers, the light-workers, etc, who have been expecting a change or a shift in consciousness in our lifetime. We did not know what it would show up as but anyone could have guessed natural disaster, extreme climate change issues, nuclear war, or a pandemic to be options that could affect the entire globe. I think most in the United States internally knew that with any pending disaster, nothing was going to change us until it interrupted our immediate surroundings.

Now, “the thing” has happened. And instead of knowing how to jump into action, most of us are not feeling confident that we have any answers or light to give. There are so many questions, and that has replaced instincts for many of us. We are hinging to spring forward, and we are stuck hinging – very uncomfortable.

At the same time, almost every human on Earth living in a structured society, is to some extent forced to shift their focus. For those of us in the United States and other westernized societies, there is some degree of internal self review by default. Each one of us is placed in an uncomfortable situation where we have little control over the broad circumstances of our collective reality. For many, our immediate lifestyle and surroundings have changed drastically and quickly.

This kind of discomfort is unfamiliar. This is the reason there’s a huge opportunity in it for mankind.

Knowledge is powerful, and the knowledge of oneself leads to powerful wisdom. Self reflection may seem painful, and when done with the goal of getting to know oneself to transcend oneself, is liberating. The rebirth or recreation of oneself to live to the highest potential is exhilarating.

Not everyone will use the experience for personal growth or as an opportunity to help others. This is why this moment of choice is a major karmic wager. It is so even for the atheist, a scientist knows about quantum physics and the observer, as well as the collective vibe. Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes, good decisions lead to good outcomes. It is the same for science and spirituality, as in reality the two are one and all are one.

The Collective Vibe is the strongest, most powerful force on planet Earth, and right now it is where the answers are. The challenge is so cliche – it’s the stand, light forces versus dark forces. Humanity has both good and bad intentions. Most people seem basically good, but many have gone the other way, and this is a time when many dictators, authoritarians, and bullies seam to be in power. All of the mis-information can be maddening. And that is why the result of our collective vibe is still an unknown.

We have no idea what will happen between now and ten years into the future, or even one year into the future, but we do know that resilience and cooperation are facets of humanity essential to rebuilding societies. We know how to do this. We know how to collaborate, it’s ingrained in us.

We have to keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if this event is some kind of conspiracy or not – there isn’t a point in blaming anything or anyone. Any event that happened could have led to our health being impacted and the global economy being impacted. The bigger picture is what we do with the situation.

The best we can do is make morally sound decisions in our day to day lives. We can help to support others in the ways that benefit the world. We can avoid playing into the angry bully’s game. We can stay on purpose with helping to keep humanity and the earth healthy. We can be flexible. We can enjoy minimalism. We can reflect and change in the ways that will make us better in mind, body and spirit. We can remember that even if no one got paid with paper money or digits in bank accounts, we all still know how to run society because we’ve been doing it all along.

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