Are things changing too fast for us?

We’re in the information age. We have more people on the planet than ever and that’s going to keep happening until mother nature or mankind itself intervenes. More people, mass communication possibilities, mass consumption, massive waste pile up and massive hole in the ozone. As we pollute, we must find a way to counter act the ill effects of pollution. As our population increases, we must find more resources for life while trying to consolidate waste and control pollution.

We may have the technology to handle feeding billions of bellies, but can we implement worldwide clean up of human pollution on the ground, in the water and in the air?

Technologically, we’re on the verge of being able to experience virtual realities with one another and share thoughts, like cyber mental telepathy.  There are many technological advances to come that will take mankind into costume-made imaginary worlds. Yet, when we look at the basic behaviors of the modern man – we’re still acting out our most primitive reactions to life.

We’re seeing politicians body slamming aggressive journalists, we’re seeing religious motives for war, we’re seeing grandiose posturing in the highest offices – in short, we’re seeing a strong hold on doing things the old way and a huge resistance to opening up to a new connection with the world.

The Millennials, who are largely responsible for recent and upcoming Internet technology and capabilities that allow worldwide interactions by screens and clicks, are actually growing up in a vastly different situation than the Baby Boomers and even the Gen Xers. And, The Millennials are worlds apart in terms of perspectives and philosophy. This is because this is the first generation, because of the technology, to be born into a world where nothing is hidden from them.

At this point, the young adults in most modernized countries have always been able to connect with anyone in the world who has internet access. When I was in college, the Internet hadn’t even come out yet. Now, toddlers can see relatives from anywhere on a screen, and live. As connection and awareness increases, will it result in increased feelings of connectedness between human beings?

We’ve had the Internet for about 20 years now. Only 20 years, it is quite young. Within the last ten years the advancements have already been happening at lightning speed. Yet, there always seems to be a counter force. Something in the primitive nature of mankind wants to be a member of the strongest tribe. The will to survive, the will to dominate, and the love of power are human characteristics that are ever present – even with all the information available to help us all understand one another.

In reality, there’s no reason why any person of a particular religion can’t just co-exist with people of other religions without wanting to convert them or harm them. There’s no reason why people on one side of the world should be convinced to hate people beyond their borders. There’s actually no justified cause for people killing people. The notion, if it were to stop being passed down from generation to generation, may one day seem ridiculous to humans who would never dream of a war happening in their lifetime.

Right now, even as technology has effectively advanced, it’s created by people with new views and used maliciously by people with old views. People with old money. Paying for technologically advanced warfare. Paying for power. New technology to power old old wars.

And that’s just the way of it. It doesn’t have to change. And unfortunately it may not.

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