We’re Where We’re Supposed To Be

Any time something happens in our life that brings about a big change, we’re always going to have a moment of speculation about our circumstances. If we’re moving, we have stress about the details of the move and sometimes we question whether or not moving was a good idea to begin with. In present day times, a new era is shaking up mankind.

Right now, the whole world seems in turmoil. As a result, people are restless, people want to be heard, and arguments ensue. So then, these seem like difficult times for many, and some people are questioning how we got ourselves into our circumstances.

In the mean time almost everyone in the civilized world has heard of a doomsday prophecy or two, or ten, or twenty. So some people are more lax about turmoil and chaos because they believe something will happen ‘like a thief in the night’ or ‘with the blink of an eye’ and it’ll suddenly be the end of the world. In the mean time, we still have to live with the consequences of our actions and our inactions.

And as a society, collectively, we really are right where we’re supposed to be.

Even as individuals, we are always right where we’re supposed to be in life. Ever been through a bad breakup? It’s heart wrenching, stomach hurts, and the mind over analyzes every last detail of the relationship, the events that led up to the breakup, and the breakup itself. Yet years later, when we look back, so many of us feel the memory differently, and it’s not uncommon to have the thought “what was I thinking?”

If we’re wise we learn from our mistakes. Yet, the process of working our way through uncomfortable changes in our lives makes us resilient, wiser, and in some cases more guarded. We can’t help but become wiser by default as we age, because more experiences lead to more lessons in life. Wiser does not always mean disciplined. Individually and collectively, we make the same mistakes more than once, but after the first few times we know we are making the mistake and we’re deciding to make it.

This is where the world, as far as mankind is concerned, is at right now. It’s the reason people say “history repeats itself.” With the new age of computers and Internet, there’s so much information available about world history and the tendencies of mankind. In modern times, kids know how to access anything they want to learn at the touch of a keyboard or screen. Right now, we’re aware of what’s going on in the world. Perhaps what’s going on in the world is somewhat depressing, but it’s another cycle, and with our ability to be tapped into news and communication, we’re just more aware of our detriment.

With that said, there’s not a lot of mystery as to how we got to where we’re at. With regard to the USA and the social unrest going on at this moment, it’s not the first time we’ve seen disagreements between citizens or anger toward leadership. What seems different now is that this is the first time an ‘outsider’ and billionaire celebrity with no government experience is in the position of president. Yet, it’s a result of everything the United States has been over the last four decades. Sadly, it’s true, we weren’t smarter and didn’t take into account the consequences of electing this kind of person for the most important position in our government.

If you read the essay on this blog site, “America Now & How We Got Here”, it gives a main stream and not-so-sensational explanation about how our apathy led us to where we are at as a nation. Aside from these obvious and rather mundane explanations, we must understand that change does not come from apathy. We’re experiencing civil unrest because we internally understand that we must change, it’s literally a do or die situation. If we continue as we are, mankind will suffer from the consequences of our actions whether it be climate change, Earth changes, nuclear war, starvation or population reduction by other means of genocide.

Because we let our situation elevate to this point, we are experiencing another cycle of mankind where turmoil is experienced and the suffering, stress and anxiety will push us to make choices. This is the same thing we go through personally when we make the decision to get into another bad relationship and we’ve stayed long enough to address the stress and consider the breakup. Currently, everyone wants to have a voice, and during these times that has been a typical response when decisions need to be made and actions need to be taken.

Right now, one of the ways to find peace of mind in this is to understand that cycles come full circle and close and new cycles begin. We have survived two world wars and we’ve had horrible leaders commit horrible actions all throughout human history. Yes, it would be nice if we could just experience benevolent leaders and world peace forever going into the future, but that is not the way of mankind. We’ll survive the turmoil we’re experiencing now, we’ll close this cycle eventually and a new one will begin, and at some point we’ll experience another Golden Age – for a while.

But we have to come full circle in this cycle first – and our decisions as a society thus far have pushed us to the point in the cycle where it’e a bit uncomfortable. We’re right where we need to be in order to end the apathy and to make constructive decisions that lead to problem solving and action plans for a better future.

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